Link NYC

A Commercial Solution to Bridge the Digital Divide

Sidewalk Labs recently formed a new company called Intersection to bring digital experiences into physical urban spaces. Its first product, LinkNYC, will revolutionize the way we engage on the sidewalks of cities. Working in close partnership with the City of New York, LinkNYC has begun replacing an archaic network of public pay phones with a network of 7,500 data and communication hubs throughout New York City. The elegant and iconic kiosks will deliver to residents and visitors free gigabit Wi-Fi, video and voice calling, and access to emergency and other city services. Discussions are underway to bring Link to other cities.

LinkNYC illustrates Sidewalk’s approach: Work hand-in-hand with cities to craft novel solutions that address big urban problems while still generating a fair return to a commercial partner.

LinkNYC’s free
gigabit WiFi is here,
and it is glorious.


LinkNYC coverage across New York City