Alejandra Zapata

Computational Designer, Customer Success

Alejandra Zapata is a Computational Designer of Customer Success at Sidewalk Labs.

Her background in architecture and data analytics sparked her interest in interdisciplinary projects that seek to rethink the future of urban communities. Alejandra strives to create a meaningful and innovative design by incorporating technology and design to address environmental challenges.

Prior to joining Sidewalk Labs, Alejandra was an Urban Researcher at the J Max Bond Center, where she worked on making real estate and land use data available to communities and aiding the strategic planning process for urban communities from New York to Accra. In the past, she diligently worked on a variety of built projects from pre-design to construction including, residential, commercial, interior, and communal spaces.

Her education includes a Bachelor in Architecture from the City College of New York, LEED Green Associate credentials and, she is currently pursuing an MS in Data Analytics and visualization from Yeshiva University. Besides her passion for building better cities, she enjoys traveling, practicing ballet, and yoga, visiting New York’s museums and art galleries throughout Manhattan. Originally from Mexico, she takes advantage of her spare time to learn and enjoy everything NYC has to offer.