Andrea Cuadra

User Researcher

Andrea Cuadra is a User Researcher at Sidewalk Labs.

Outside of her work at Sidewalk Labs, she is a PhD Candidate in Information Science, with a research focus on inclusive interaction design. In all her work, Andrea aims to use her background in engineering and design to push the boundaries of technology.

Prior to coming to Sidewalk Labs, Andrea has interned at Google on Chrome and Search, and at Yahoo on Flurry Analytics. Andrea also spent a few exciting post-college years as an independent inventor of toys and games. During her invention journey, she enjoyed giving a TEDx talk on creativity, self-publishing an interactive children’s book and a board game, and building talking potato robots.

Andrea has earned a master’s degree in Product Design from Stanford University, and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a concentration in Interaction Design from Olin College of Engineering. Before moving to the U.S. to attend college, Andrea grew up swimming and hunting for stones in the fresh waters of Lake Nicaragua. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife and their adorable kitten.