Keira Webster

Senior Associate, Planning & Delivery

Keira Webster is Senior Associate, Planning & Delivery at Sidewalk Labs.

Prior to joining Sidewalk Labs, she worked as an Urban Planner at Urban Strategies, a Toronto-based global planning and design consultancy. At Urban Strategies, Keira worked within large, multidisciplinary teams on various projects involving master planning, policy research, transportation planning, and development approvals processes.

Keira has a B.A. in Geography, Urban Systems from McGill University and a Master of Planning from Ryerson University. Her curiosity with the complex challenges that arise from the relationships between cities and the environment in which they exist has driven much of her academic research. This research includes exploring the use of open data tools in building urban resilience, the role of planning and policy in the uptake of autonomous vehicles, and the application of geographic information systems in solving network analysis problems.

Keira currently lives in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto. She is determined to get everywhere by bike in all seasons, loves farmers’ markets, and hopes to someday play the piano that’s taking up a significant amount of space in her apartment.

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