Lizzie Culbertson

Embedded Software Engineer II

Lizzie Culbertson is an Embedded Software Engineer II on the Mesa team at Sidewalk Labs.

Prior to Sidewalk, Lizzie was a fullstack software engineer at Butterfly Network, building the platform used to manage ultrasound exam data, integrate with existing hospital workflows, collaborate within a medical organization, and handle customers' software subscriptions. She also dabbled in some infrastructure and business data work.

Lizzie grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and obtained a BS in Engineering Physics from Stanford University and an MS in Applied Physics from Columbia University. She never had big dreams of living in New York City, but after moving in 2016, she unexpectedly fell in love. She hopes to contribute towards the affordability & sustainability of urban living through her work at Sidewalk.

Outside of work, Lizzie likes to do crossword puzzles (she does the NYT crossword every day) and sings in a barbershop quartet called Breakfast for Dinner as well as a barbershop/a cappella chorus called Sirens of Gotham. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner and cat.