Michael Malone

Associate Director, Finance (Payroll & Global Mobility)

Michael Malone is an Associate Director of Finance for Payroll and Global Mobility at Sidewalk Labs.

Prior to Sidewalk, he worked at a range of industries from startups to global brands. Most recently, he worked with LinkedIn and Twitter. Throughout his career, Michael implemented a global REIT, transitioned 2 companies through to IPO, ran his own payroll business for over 5 years, implemented over 250 payroll systems conversions, and prepared Global RFP for Time & Attendance.

Michael is originally from Ireland and studied Physics at Trinity College, Dublin. He now lives in San Francisco with his partner and two cats, Calvin and Chloe. He is currently intrigued with learning how to make things. He also enjoys music, film, mixology, architecture, landscaping, photography, travel, hiking, and skiing.