Nick Donald

Senior Software Engineer

Nick Donald is a Senior Software Engineer at Sidewalk Labs.

Most recently, he co-founded Farmshelf, an indoor agriculture company that builds automated indoor farms (which you can find right in Hudson Yards, and at restaurants and offices around New York City and the country!).

Before that, Nick lead the platform engineering team at Celmatix, a biotech company focused on helping physicians and patients in fertility medicine make more informed decisions about their treatment. Originally from Seattle, Nick has been in New York since completing his undergraduate studies at Princeton University where his thesis focused on a geospatial analysis of the impacts of a warming climate on various trout species in Montana (ask him the title some time).

He lives in Brooklyn with his partner and small, long dog Alfredo. You can find him tuned to 91.1 WFMU, playing the piano, or washing his bicycle on the sidewalk in front of his building.