Sritoma Bhattacharjee

Computational Designer, Customer Success I

Sritoma Bhattacharjee is a Computational Designer of Customer Success for Sidewalk Labs.

Sritoma enjoys all things spatial logic and works at the intersection of design, construction and technology. She takes a special interest in how people move about in the city.

Prior to joining Sidewalk Labs, Sritoma worked with Outer Labs to create data driven generative design software. She also took on spatial optimization projects and data analysis through mapping. Her early experiences in social housing shaped a lot of her views on design automation and the challenges that come with it. She loves travelling and has worked on architectural design and settlement planning projects at firms in India, Vietnam and China.

She has a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from GSAPP Columbia University and a B.Arch from University of Architecture and Planning, New Delhi. In her spare time she pursues film making, textile product design and writes about ethical dilemmas in architecture and planning.