Tom Kennedy

Director, Hardware Engineer

Tom is Director, Hardware Engineer at Sidewalk Labs.

Prior to Sidewalk Labs, Tom was founder and CEO of ReFactory, a design consultancy and electronics manufacturing firm. Located in Brooklyn, New York, ReFactory helped small companies and startups design, prototype, and manufacture electronic products.  ReFactory was born out of Tom’s experience with EnergyHub, the first company he co-founded, where as CTO and Director of Hardware Engineering, he led the development and manufacturing of an energy management ecosystem of connected devices.  Tom sat on EnergyHub's Board of Directors up until its acquisition by

Before Tom's entrepreneurial endeavors, he was an Electrical Engineer at Honeybee Robotics, where he worked as the lead Electrical Engineer for the Sample Manipulation System, a critical subsystem of the Sample Analysis at Mars instrument, which continues to operate aboard the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars.  Tom earned his Bachelor of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

When Tom isn't designing hardware, he loves spending time with his family and cooking overly complicated meals.  As a side project, he is creating an iPad-like toy for his toddler son that incorporates more external buttons, knobs, and lights than he'll know what to do with.

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