Veronica Pinchin

Director of Product Management

Veronica is Director of Product Management for Sidewalk Labs.

Before joining Sidewalk, Veronica was a Group Product Manager at Mixpanel, where she led the Machine Learning team as well as the cross-functional Pricing and Customer Retention initiatives.

Prior to Mixpanel, she worked at Google as a Product Manager on the Health Search team and at McKinsey as a consultant in the Business Technology Office. Veronica holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, where she was a Baker’s scholar and served as Co-President of the TechMedia Club.

Veronica earned her BEng in Software Engineering from McGill University. Originally from Toronto, Veronica enjoys getting to know her new cities (most recently New York), running, reading fantasy, horseback riding, hosting, and jumping on the bandwagon of whichever Toronto sports team is the least terrible in any given year.