Yashih Wu

Director of Commercialization

Yashih Wu is the Director of Commercialization for Sidewalk Labs, leading the company’s work on digital electricity.

Apart from her role at Sidewalk, Yashih is also an advisor to several startups. Previously, Yashih served as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Flatiron School, the higher education arm of WeWork, where she led an innovation incubation team designed to help Flatiron School research, design, develop, and test new business models and partnerships to expand Flatiron beyond its core business and into the future.

Prior to Flatiron School she was a global executive at IBM, where she led everything from strategy, business development, offering management, venture capital, partnerships, and more to help bring exponential technologies like Watson’s Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and IoT to the world. She has also spent time on both Wall Street (finance) and Madison Avenue (marketing), in the public and private sectors, in the U.S. and in China.

Originally hailing from California, Yashih earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance from Princeton University and her Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. She now lives in New York with her husband, daughter and son.

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