Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk

What happened when China provided its cities with real-time pollution data

A new study finds that, in 2013 at least, China went about urban data collection the right way — and people reaped big benefits.

Eric Jaffe
1 Jan

Whim is a mobility app with a modest proposal: Give up your car

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with “mobility as a service” pioneer Sampo Hietanen.

Eric Jaffe
8 Aug
urban data

The real benefits of real-time transit data

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with researcher Candace Brakewood on all the ways it improves our lives — and its role in a potential car-free urban future.

Eric Jaffe
6 Jun

Toronto by public transportation — from Point A to anywhere

Our open-source Toronto Transit Explorer shows how long it takes to reach any part of the city by taking public transit, cycling, or walking.

Samara Trilling
5 May
Open-Source Tool

The Old Toronto map tool helps you explore the city through historical photos

The Old Toronto map tool helps you explore the city through old photos

Dan Vanderkam and Matt Breuer
3 Mar
15 Innovations That Shaped the City

N-1-1: The Rise (and Surprise) of Three-Digit City Services

The evolution of 911, 311, and other local numbers into digital services promises to make cities far more responsive.

12 Dec
Open-Source Tool

A first step toward creating a digital planning laboratory is populating it

Introducing Doppelgänger, Model Lab’s open-source population synthesizer.

David Ory
6 Jun
Open source demo

S2 cells and space-filling curves: Keys to building better digital map tools for cities

An open geospatial library for all the civic hackers out there.

Sven Kreiss
7 Jul

The tremendous untapped power of data to reinvent city services

As more agencies embrace digital tools to improve health care, education, safety, and other basic government services, the public conversation should keep pace with technology.

Shaina Doar
6 Jun