A busy summer of product updates for fleets and drivers

This summer, Coord rolled out a host of product updates and improvements to better serve all of our users, from delivery drivers to city parking managers to urban planners.

By Kenny Durell


This summer, Coord rolled out a host of product updates and improvements to better serve all of our users, from delivery drivers to city parking managers to urban planners. In this blog post, we’ll go through a few of the highlights for our fleet and driver customers.

If you missed the city and urban planner focused product updates, you can read about them here!

Improved Smart Zone wayfinding and booking experience

Based on driver and enforcement team feedback, we’ve made some major updates to how Smart Zones are displayed, identified and booked in the Coord Driver app.

First, we’ve simplified Smart Zone data and icons in the Driver app, reducing a three tier color scale for availability (available, low availability, full) to just two (available, full) and making the Smart Zone icons more prominent. And if a driver taps on a zone that is closed, they’ll be able to see the reason it is unavailable (e.g., the Zone opens later in the day, the Zone opens tomorrow).


Availability legend in the Coord Driver app

We’ve also worked with cities using Smart Zones to number Smart Zones, both in the Coord Driver app and on the physical signs at the curb/alley. Coord Driver was designed to minimize taps for drivers in the booking process, so like today, a driver will never have to type in a Smart Zone number to book it. But since we know phone GPS drift can sometimes make it unclear whether the system is correctly detecting the Smart Zone a driver is in, matching the Smart Zone number on a sign to the Smart Zone number on the driver’s phone provides an additional check that a vehicle is parked in and paying for the intended Smart Zone.


Smart Zone signage in Nashville and in the Coord Driver app, with the corresponding Zone IDs circled

Booking zones outside of the Driver app

Most drivers book their own Smart Zones using the Coord Driver mobile app. But some fleets and local brick and mortar businesses have asked whether they can book a Smart Zone for someone else (e.g., a customer, driver, or vendor). Enter the Coord Driver web app!

We’ve taken all of the functionality of the Coord Driver phone app, and optimized it for the web browser. Fleets and businesses can now see live availability for Smart Zones from a browser window. They can also book Smart Zones for their drivers, vendors, or anyone else whose loading they are facilitating. This provides a handy additional option for anyone, including a driver, who wants to book a Smart Zone without downloading the Coord Driver mobile app.


A view of active and bookable Smart Zones in the Coord Driver web app

Grouping transactions for fleets and drivers

Fleets are accustomed to being invoiced monthly and wanted to be able to see their drivers’ Smart Zone usage grouped by month. We adjusted the display of the transactions tab in the fleet portal to do just this, resulting in an easy-to-read summary of Smart Zone usage, grouped by month.


Smart Zone transactions in the fleet portal, grouped by month

We also added similar functionality to the Driver app, allowing drivers to go to their account and view their past usage. In the case of drivers, we grouped by day, since many drivers book multiple times a day and typically want to see total charges for a given day.


A driver's view of all Smart Zone bookings they've made, grouped by day, in the Coord Driver app

We appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received from drivers, fleets and cities and alike. We’re always working to make our products better serve our customers, and in turn, make loading activities safer and more efficient in cities across the world.