Dan Vanderkam

Dan is Principal Software Engineer at Sidewalk Labs.

Prior to joining Sidewalk, Dan worked at Mt. Sinai’s HammerLab building open source tools for visualizing genomes and detecting genetic variants in cancers. Before Mt. Sinai, Dan spent eight years at Google, primarily working on projects involving web search and search logs analysis. He was involved in creating quick answers and visualizations for queries such as “when does the sun set” or “how many people live in NYC” Dan was also part of the team that built Google Flu Trends and Google Correlate, a tool for discovering patterns in search activity.

Dan has a long history of developing a variety of digital side projects. The most recent of which was OldNYC, a collaboration with the New York Public Library which placed tens of thousands of historic photos on a map.

Dan is a native of South Bend, Indiana. He studied Math and Computer Science at Rice University. Since 2010, he has been based in Brooklyn, where he can frequently be found cycling, climbing, running and throwing frisbees.

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