Mesa by Sidewalk Labs now available through Con Edison's Small and Medium Business Program

Qualifying Con Edison customers will receive reduced rates on Mesa’s suite of technologies that cut energy costs.

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NEW YORK — Nov. 4, 2021Mesa, an easy-install energy-savings product for commercial buildings, today announced its availability through Con Edison’s Small and Medium Business Program, which subsidizes the cost of energy savings upgrades for tens of thousands of local businesses in New York City. Customers eligible for the program can now receive Mesa, created by the urban innovation company Sidewalk Labs, at a discount of up to 30 percent, helping them reduce electricity costs through the product’s automated energy management system. This subsidized rate is available to commercial Con Edison customers using up to 300 kilowatt hours of energy during peak demand.

Mesa’s connected sensors and smart devices use AI to automatically adjust heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems based on occupancy level, predicted weather, humidity, and more. The system also manages plug loads, the electricity from plugged in devices, like conference room technology, computers, TVs, and more, by powering them off when they’re not in use. By automating these functions, Mesa can save customers up to 20 percent on their electric bills, while helping them do their part to reduce carbon emissions.

“Every dollar saved on energy positively impacts a building’s bottom line, just as every emissions reduction benefits the environment,” said Rachel Steinberg, Head of Mesa. “We look forward to helping more customers save money and achieve sustainability goals, and working with Con Edison to do this in Sidewalk Labs’ own backyard of New York City makes this feel even more meaningful.”

In New York City, commercial buildings occupy 15 percent of the city’s floorspace, but they account for nearly 30 percent of GHG emissions. Class B and C buildings struggle with energy optimization due to budget constraints, lack of advanced building management systems, and the complex installation process for energy savings upgrades. Mesa solves these challenges with setup taking two hours or less for an average office, an accessible price point, and seamless integration with existing building management and HVAC systems.

Customers can track their savings in real time using Mesa's dashboard Impact Report, which shows building owners and managers their cost and energy savings, as well as what actions have been taken to cut energy.

If you qualify for Con Edison’s Small and Medium Business Program, or if you’re interested in confirming your small to medium sized business’ eligibility, please visit

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