How Delve Helps Real Estate Developers Unlock Value

Delve by Sidewalk Labs enables real estate developers to accelerate project timelines and achieve significant project returns. Here's how.


Delve unlocks value within a development project and gives real estate developers the power to evaluate program mix and building types with each scenario connected to an integrated financial model and quality of life outcomes.

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In the future, the most successful real estate developments in the world will use generative design and machine learning to create places, districts, neighborhoods, and cities where generations of people can thrive for years to come. Delve, a generative design product created by Sidewalk Labs, has changed traditional pre-development planning from one city block to hundreds of acres.

Today, we are excited to share how Delve helps real estate developers unlock value by supercharging the real estate development planning process, resulting in significant project returns via an integrated financial model.

Engaging Delve dramatically accelerates project timelines to achieve key metrics and milestones. How?

Delve can quickly identify thousands of design options and priority outcomes, such as sunlight hours, walkability, and views (even down to the unit level), then optimize for the best possible design and financial performance. Development teams and design stakeholders spend less time on repetitive modeling, which allows teams to hone in on the creative and very human aspects of early-stage planning. This creates more time to determine how a real estate development will ultimately be experienced by people. The iterative nature and inherent creativity of the design process is respected, encouraged, and supported by Delve.

The integrated financial model is Delve’s most compelling feature, and in some cases, has unlocked tens of millions of dollars in project value and time. Teams can first see if an idea is financially feasible, then surface where efficiencies can be achieved, allowing for greater investments in other priority outcomes. A team can evaluate how building massings, program mixes, or unit sizes will impact returns, enabling them to meaningfully weigh the financial impact of each design option from the start.

Since launching in 2020, Delve by Sidewalk Labs has empowered real estate developers, cities, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) practices worldwide to create places that are impactful, resilient, and thoughtfully planned. If you are interested in learning more about Delve, and how generative design can empower your team to build rapidly and meet financial, design, and community priorities simultaneously, please contact us here to learn more.