Introducing “City of the Future” — a Podcast from Sidewalk Labs

Each episode explores one idea or innovation that will transform cities.

October 5, 2018


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In our inaugural episode of City of the Future, our new bi-weekly podcast, we explore mass timber, an innovation that could allow for wooden skyscrapers — and completely transform the way we build our cities. A green, renewable resource engineered to be strong as steel, resistant to fire, and prefabricated (which means it can be assembled quickly on the construction site), mass timber is poised to take off in North America, kickstarting the skyscraper race of the 21st century.

In this episode, we talk to the world’s leading expert on tall wooden buildings, Michael Green, and Sidewalk’s Director of Buildings Innovation, Karim Khalifa.

This episode was produced by Kara Oehler. Our hosts are Eric Jaffe and Vanessa Quirk. Mix by Sharif Youssef. Our music is by Adaam James Levine-Areddy (check out his band at Our art is by Tim Kau. Special thanks to all who made this episode possible: Michael Green, Karim Khalifa, Claire Mullen, Eric Baczuk. Benjamen Walker, and Andrew Callaway.


October 5, 2018