City of the Future

A podcast exploring the ideas and innovations that will transform cities.

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Season 4 Transcripts

Season 3 Transcripts

  • Episode 15: Flexible Streets: What if we could use design and technology to make our streets more flexible? So they could change use according to the season, the week — even the hour? 🚗 🚴‍♀️ 🚶
  • Episode 14: Factory-based Construction: Thanks to innovations in design, materials, and machinery — and a green wave taking over the industry — factory-based construction could be an idea whose time has finally come. 🧱
  • Episode 13: Remote Work: Remote work could change not just the way we live in cities — but which cities we live in, too. 👩‍💻
  • Episode 12: Generative Design: Could machine learning help us find better designs for cities — even ones that we didn’t know were possible? 🤖
  • Episode 11: Energy-Efficient Buildings: If we’re serious about addressing climate change, we’ll need to address one of our biggest carbon emitters: buildings. 🏙

Season 2 Transcripts

Season 1 Transcripts

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