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Real Estate

Innovative urban development services for more sustainable and equitable projects.

Our development team can support your project with our broad range of technology products and cross-disciplinary specialists, as well as our network of best-in-class collaborators.

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How We Work

Our comprehensive, end-to-end approach starts with an urban innovation strategy tailored to your objectives and can continue through the design and planning, construction, and management phases.

Our approach combines inclusive development and responsible technology principles to deliver more sustainable and equitable outcomes alongside strong returns.

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Where We Work

We're advising on development projects in cities across North America, including San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, and more.

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Main Practice Areas

Committed to Inclusive Development

Inclusive Development is a growing expertise and way of working with intention that leads to more equitable outcomes. We work with developers to bring best practices to each project, and provide actionable strategies that consider a place’s history and context. Our approach considers inclusive economic growth, broad affordability, and collective stewardship.

We know urban development doesn’t exist on a blank canvas, even on undeveloped land. In cities around the world, neighborhoods reflect decades of discriminatory practices by both public and private sectors. In the U.S., for example, systemic redlining, urban renewal, restrictive covenants, and predatory lending have left significant generational wealth gaps, overwhelmingly along racial lines. In recent years, the real estate industry has started to acknowledge this history and its role in changing business-as-usual.

Sidewalk Labs will continue to work with partners to build a more equitable future for communities.

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An Integrated, Cross-Disciplinary Team

Our unique development team brings together experience from a range of projects and companies spanning real estate, government, technology, and finance to provide comprehensive innovation plans and implementation management.

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