Enabling an affordable transition to clean electricity for all

Affordable Electrification is a product for utilities to keep energy costs low and predictable for residential customers during the transition from fossil fuels to clean electricity.

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Reducing the cost barrier of transitioning from fossil fuels to clean electricity

Achieving climate goals requires electrifying homes and vehicles, a transition many cannot afford due to the high cost of electricity.

The best path to reducing electricity costs is dynamic hourly pricing. Specifically, pricing electricity to reflect both its realtime cost of generation and consumer demand. This type of pricing tracks with carbon emissions too.

With dynamic pricing, customers can reduce costs by “load shifting” energy use away from hours of high priced, carbon-intensive electricity to hours of cheap, renewably-generated electricity.

AE makes this load shifting easy for customers by optimizing the major equipment in their home to take advantage of low cost electricity without impacting the household’s routines or comfort.

AE Delivers Load Flexibility to Utilities

AE enables utilities to shape residential demand to align with the availability of cheap renewable energy and local distribution capacity. The product coordinates electricity-consuming devices in the home to respond to a changing price of electricity that utilities manage (“dynamic rates”). Residential customers are provided with a utility (co)branded app through which they can easily view and override energy cost and comfort optimizing automations in their home, with the end goal of a “set it and forget it” experience.