Affordable Electrification

A better way
to manage
home energy

We’re working with utilities to build an exciting product that manages energy use to meet a customer’s monthly budget.

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Automated, Continuous Grid Management

To address climate change, utility providers are replacing fossil fuel plants with renewable power and accelerating electrification. But greening the grid creates new challenges. Residents may face higher overall energy costs, and utilities need ways to harness clean, low-cost power produced during off-peak periods.

That’s why our Affordable Electrification team is building a product with utilities designed to better manage home energy use. Affordable Electrification uses dynamic pricing to signal when power is at its cleanest and least expensive, enabling smart home energy devices to adjust their use and help deliver predictable customer bills.

By enabling better management of the electric grid, Affordable Electrification can reduce the cost of electrification and help reach a clean energy future for all.

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