Making the switch from fossil fuels to clean energy affordable

Affordable Electrification is a product for utilities to keep energy costs low and predictable for residential customers during the transition from fossil fuels to clean electricity.


AE Benefits Both Utilities and Residents

AE is ideal for utilities looking to reduce the cost of electrification and “greening the grid” by managing devices behind the meter. With AE, utilities can turn the load up or down to reduce exposure to expensive power, use renewable energy when available, employ distribution assets, and reduce use of fossil fuel generation plants.

Our software platform ensures safety and customizability. Residents can evaluate their budget and choose between different savings tiers.

What AE Delivers

Coordinated Automation: A home energy use scheduler that controls third party smart devices behind the meter to meet each customer’s unique energy bill target

Resident Interface: An app and e-bill that lets customers choose their monthly energy cost budget, monitor scheduler activity and related cost savings, and override undesirable actions