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Advance toward net-zero emissions

The built environment is responsible for ~40% of total global energy-related CO2 emissions (United Nations Environment Programme 2020), yet the increasing complexity of balancing zoning and land use requirements with quality of life and financial goals create barriers to more sustainable design and development. To help decarbonize the built environment, Google Earth has partnered with Delve to make it faster and easier for real estate and sustainability professionals in early-stage design and solar planning to quickly identify suitable project locations, generate designs in a matter of minutes and evaluate over 80 different performance metrics to uncover the most optimal and sustainable options.

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Test out Delve’s generative design features free for 60 days and share any feedback you might have along the way. As an early user, you’ll be able to draw sites directly in Google Earth and use Delve to generate the best options for your real estate development, such as sustainable building designs and solar feasibility for sites larger than 0.5 acres. You can then bring those designs back into Google Earth seamlessly to view, share and compare your options.

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