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Mesa automates building controls with a suite of smart devices and a powerful optimization engine to deliver savings and comfort for commercial real estate owners and tenants.

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Save up to 20% with automated controls

Mesa uses award-winning savings techniques to automatically cut costs and emissions in your space. It takes in zone-level data alongside external data, like weather to adjust HVAC and outlets.

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Reduce hot / cold complaints

Increase tenant satisfaction with Mesa as it learns from tenant feedback and also monitors for fresh air, making the right temperature changes to deliver a comfortable space.

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Prevent issues before they happen

Reduce truck rolls and understand how each zone is performing with Mesa’s real-time updates and alerts.

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Be in control from anywhere

Access heating, cooling, ventilation, and shared outlets on-the-go. Save time by using Mesa's cloud-based dashboard for insights on tenant comfort and control of equipment from anywhere.

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Case Studies & Customer Stories

Mesa energy management kit for commercial buildings with thermostats, sensors, plugs, cloud connector,  and comfort buttons.

A complete system

Mesa uses smart devices like sensors, thermostats and hot/cold buttons to collect data on your space, then optimizes the space’s conditions to reduce wasted energy. The AI powered dashboard shows the impact of Mesa and lets you make adjustments, if needed.

Some of our proud customers and partners

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"Mesa was a perfect fit for us as it didn’t require a lot of capital investment, was easy to install and it helps us continuously monitor our energy savings in real-time from anywhere."

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Zach Kupperman, CEO of Kupperman Companies

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It's time for a greener, smarter building.

Learn how Mesa can offer you a more sustainable, profitable, and comfortable building.

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Responsible Data Use

Every Sidewalk Labs product team incorporates concepts like Privacy by Design and data minimization into their work from the earliest design phases. To help put this approach into practice, we conduct Responsible Data Use Assessments for all our products. You can read Mesa’s RDUA summary at the link below.

Read our RDUA Summary

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