OpenStore Uses Mesa To Create the Perfect Environment for its Employees


About the customer

Founded in 2021, OpenStore's mission is to provide life-changing liquidity to ecommerce entrepreneurs. Their process allows store owners to get an offer for their business in one day, sell in two weeks, and fully move on in three months. OpenStore has 100+ employees and is a tenant in ‘The Gateway at Wynwood’ building, located in Miami, Florida. The company places a lot of emphasis on in-person work interactions and prioritizes well-being and employee comfort to boost productivity.


  • Comfort buttons: OpenStore uses Mesa’s physical comfort buttons in its spaces to collect employee feedback and understand people’s preferences
  • Mesa's dashboard: Mesa’s dashboard helps OpenStore gain remote access to thermostats and make changes to temperature settings from anywhere
  • Energy savings: Mesa’s award-winning AI algorithms analyze occupancy patterns and automate energy savings in OpenStore’s offices using HVAC and smart plugs.


OpenStore has grown considerably in the last year since inception and the company has seen its employee base increase from under ten employees to more than a hundred today, motivating them to move to a bigger space at The Gateway in Wynwood, Miami. The company values in-person connections immensely and finds those interactions to be critical to its success. Owing to this, OpenStore’s leadership team takes employee comfort very seriously and aims to provide its employees an office environment that mirrors the comfort of their homes.

The co-founder and Head of Product at OpenStore, Matt Lanter, found the team was constantly struggling with an office that was either too hot or too cold making it difficult to concentrate. To exacerbate this problem, the office management team, led by Yani McLean, found it difficult to keep up with everyone’s preferences and realized the team was reactive to these complaints and needed more control.

“The office would alternate between too hot or too cold and we wanted to make our employees feel comfortable. We needed a solution that delivered comfort and was easy to put into application.”

Matt Lanter
Co-founder of OpenStore

Picture of Mesa's thermostat

The OpenStore team was using analog, non-programmable thermostats that allowed tampering by employees and were not built for automated energy savings.


Yani and Matt were on the lookout for a data-driven approach to improve comfort and found Mesa to fit the bill perfectly. They found Mesa’s powerful dashboard with remote access to thermostats, reliable temperature data, and employee feedback to be incredibly helpful in making decisions.

Mesa gave the OpenStore team a simple and digital means to learn people’s comfort preferences with the help of feedback buttons and an easy way to apply this knowledge towards improvements. The OpenStore team appreciated the ease of install within 2 days and the Mesa team’s quick responses to walk them through any issue in the building.

“The work environment is among the most important aspects for our teams and with Mesa, employees feel at home in the office. We’ve been in-office since we started and found these in-person interactions to be critical towards our success and pace of execution.”

Matt Lanter
Co-founder of OpenStore

The ability to set the ideal temperatures in thermostats based on employee feedback has been a big benefit for OpenStore. Yani and her office management team can see how each space operates and make changes on-the-go from her phone based on feedback.


Mesa makes it easy for you and your facilities team to adjust heating and cooling from anywhere


Mesa has exceeded OpenStore’s expectations by offering a level of service that has been a game changer in how the company serves its employees. OpenStore has seen employee issues fall from 7 temperature complaints a week down to 1 complaint a week and the company’s leadership feels it can depend on the Mesa team for assistance whenever there’s a problem. Equally important, OpenStore has also realized considerable energy savings since install. Mesa has helped OpenStore save 35% energy and 39.5 mWh in the last six months. This translates to 17.8 metric tons of carbon emissions saved from being emitted to the planet.

“Mesa has enabled OpenStore to build a world class in-person experience by ensuring employees are comfortable in the office and it's always the perfect temperature for people to focus on work.”

Matt Lanter
Co-founder of OpenStore

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