Is Mesa Compatible With Your Building?

Mesa works in commercial buildings with 24-volt thermostats or VRFs. Get in touch to see if Mesa can help you save.

Birds-eye view of industrial fan vent on a rooftop.

Mesa most often works with these HVAC systems:

  • Distributed HVAC systems like water source heat pumps
  • Louvers supporting heat rejection in the facade of the building
  • HVAC systems with rooftop package units
  • And more…

Mesa is compatible with with non-BMS, digital thermostats with system control

  • System Compatibility: Heat pump, Dx cooling, 24 VAC solid core control wiring
  • Terminals: Rc, G, Y1, Y2, O/B, PEK, Rh, C, W1, W2, ACC-, ACC+
  • If you can adjust your HVAC system between heating and cooling mode and the system serves only your zone, Mesa is likely compatible

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What we’ll need to get started

Now that we’ve determined you’re compatible with Mesa, please prepare these three things so we can get started optimizing your space!

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