General Provision Brings Innovation to a Historic Building with Mesa

About the customer

Founded in 2014, General Provision offers inspiring places to work, a well-being platform and a cafe that is focused on cognitive health. Its mission is to empower a community of founders, makers, and creators to build something beautiful. General Provision operates one of its spaces in a hundred year old historic building called the Colonial Hotel, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


  • Mesa's dashboard: Mesa’s dashboard helps General Provision gain remote access to thermostats and make changes to temperature settings from anywhere
  • Affordability: General Provision found Mesa to fit within its limited CapEx budget and the operational efficiencies have proven a clear payback
  • Zone level information: Mesa's granular control of devices and zone level information allows General Provision to troubleshoot issues easily


General Provision prides itself on its ability to nurture a close-knit community and its thoughtful hospitality to inspire its members. With a strong focus on community driven growth, General Provision’s CEO Tim Hasse likes to ensure his members are feeling comfortable and that he can act on their feedback swiftly and with ease.

A small business operating out of a historic hundred year building, General Provision faced a set of unique challenges when it came to building operations. The co-working space’s different zones operated in a siloed manner with no central view available and Tim’s on-site team was always reactive to complaints, unable to proactively predict any potential issues. In addition, Tim wasn’t always on-site and didn’t have a digital view available of what’s happening in the space.

“The historic Colonial Hotel used traditional controls and we couldn’t leverage any existing technology to stay on top of things. What we needed was a huge leap into the future and a product that fit within our limited CapEx budget.”

Tim Hasse
CEO of General Provision

The co-working space is housed in the Colonial Hotel, a 100-year old historic building that lacked the technology and the intelligence to help General Provision deliver a better customer experience.


General Provision’s CEO Tim Hasse found Mesa to offer a unique perspective on building data to an owner and operator like himself. Mesa’s pricing was a cherry on top as it offered a competitive alternative to the otherwise expensive commercial products in the market.

With the installation of Mesa, General Provision is now capturing data it previously had no access to and has gained the ability to make decisions based on reliable data, something that’s very ethos driven for them. In addition, Mesa’s cloud based controls provide remote access to the thermostats and the ability to change their set points from anywhere. This has helped Tim Hasse, who shuttles between Nashville and Fort Lauderdale frequently, and wants a higher level of control remotely.

“Its the peace of mind that the Mesa dashboard gives me that has been very invaluable. If I get a support ticket, I’m not always calling the ground staff to fix problems. I can handle these changes myself and that saves me a lot of time.”

Tim Hasse
CEO of General Provision

The ability to log in to the Mesa dashboard at any given time and check how the thermostats and HVAC are performing, especially during the peak summer season in Florida has been a game changer for General Provision. On occasion, problems in the HVAC equipment need further attention and the trends in Mesa have proven indispensable to General Provision’s on-site team in pinpointing the root cause.

Mesa removes the need for manual monitoring and makes building data digitally available for easy access.


General Provision’s use of Mesa has resulted in significant improvements across energy savings, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. For instance, Mesa helped General Provision balance out their zones and eliminate “hot spots” in certain rooms that were causing consistent temperature problems. The customers visiting the coworking space have also provided positive feedback on the use of comfort buttons and feel there’s a genuine interaction between the members and its staff. Overall, Mesa saved General Provision 21% in energy savings over a six month period, translating to 6.7 metric tons in carbon savings and 9.5 mWh in utility cost savings.

“Partnering with Mesa has given General Provision access to this dream data set that has helped us transform this old historic building. I feel very appreciated as a customer and the Mesa team has always been there to solve our space’s problems."

Tim Hasse
CEO of General Provision

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