How Lost Tree Gained Savings by Delivering on Comfort


About the customer

Lost Tree Village Management Company owns and manages over 1M square feet of commercial space in Palm Beach county, FL, including the Lost Tree Village Financial Center, a premier commercial property with multiple office suites.

Overall savings

  • 12hours, in time savings every month
  • $10,000in reduced annual maintenance costs


  • Tenant comfort: Lost Tree uses Mesa's feedback buttons to let tenants provide feedback on whether they’re feeling hot, cold or comfortable
  • Real-time insights: Mesa's granular control of devices and zone level information allows Lost Tree to troubleshoot issues easily
  • Monthly reports: Lost Tree uses Mesa's monthly summary of comfort, savings and recommendations to understand building performance


A maintenance headache

The Lost Tree Village Financial Center had 2 office suites spanning 6,500 square feet that constantly faced problems with air conditioning, making their tenants uncomfortable. The units were equipped with old heat pumps dating back to 1985 and they experienced countless hours of unsuccessful maintenance, leaving an unhappy tenant who did not feel in control.

What didn’t help either was the cost and complexity of a traditional BMS system in place. The lack of transparency on how each zone operated was a key challenge, because they could never pinpoint where the comfort issues were originating.

This forced the Lost Tree team to look for a new solution and improve tenant satisfaction.

“We were at a crossroads and unsure how to proceed with this suite, given an extremely unhappy customer, the disparate HVAC systems and the cost of maintenance that kept increasing.”

Nicholas White
Asset Manager, Lost Tree Village Corporation


The cost of delivering comfort was too high for Lost Tree Village Financial Center.


An effortless solution to a complex problem

Lost Tree searched for an easy to use solution and an affordable alternative to existing BMS solutions that can take the guesswork out of building operations. Mesa was a perfect fit for them as the cost and time of implementation was a fraction of what the Lost Tree team had seen in the past with other solutions.

What impressed Lost Tree was Mesa’s user-friendly and intuitive interface that made onboarding a breeze to get started. The maintenance teams used Mesa’s runtime data and analyzed each zone separately to cater to occupants’ complaints successfully.

“Our tenants are just happier in general. When they call now, we know it's not a comfort issue anymore, it's a mechanical issue which we can deal with using the data from Mesa.”

Nicholas White
Asset Manager, Lost Tree Village Corporation

Physical buttons at multiple locations in the suites enabled tenants to provide accurate feedback on comfort and zone level information in the Mesa dashboard from each thermostat helped troubleshoot issues quicker.


The Mesa dashboard allows access to thermostats and sensors in every zone and gives you historical runtime data to help pinpoint issues.


Mesa leads to tenant satisfaction

Mesa’s installation in the Lost Tree Village Financial Center has been very successful. Within a month of installing, Mesa’s award-winning AI algorithms learnt occupancy patterns and space utilization and combined external details like weather to improve heating and cooling. This has helped boost the tenant's satisfaction, who are now discussing lease renewal and expansion to other suites.

The hot and cold complaints have dropped significantly and with improved comfort and real-time data, Lost Tree saves 12 hours every month with Mesa, amounting to $10,000 every year in maintenance costs that they re-invest in other revenue generating opportunities.

“The whole Mesa experience has been very pleasant. The thermostat wars have ended and our tenants are very happy. It's a win-win because everyone is comfortable and we’re saving money while doing good for the environment.”

Nicholas White
Asset Manager, Lost Tree Village Corporation

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