Installing Temperature Sensors near Supply Air Grilles and Radiators

The Wireless Temperature Sensor measures the surrounding temperature and humidity and transmits the results to nearby Cloud Connectors. Data is relayed to the cloud, where it is uploaded to the Mesa dashboard. The placement of sensors measuring conditions near supply air grilles and radiators is especially important.

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Supply air grilles are typically located on the ceiling or walls.

In the event that there is exposed ductwork in the space, it will be located on the side of the ductwork. There are both supply and return grilles in spaces. A supply air grille provides cold air to the space, while a return air grille takes room temperature air out of the space. Understanding supply air temperatures will help troubleshoot HVAC unit performance issues.

Instructions for supply air grille sensors:


Examples of supply air installation locations that have worked well:


Radiators are found on the perimeter of buildings, typically underneath windows.

Knowing whether or not a radiator is running is crucial in reducing the carbon footprint of your space. Here are some photos of radiators.

Instructions for radiator sensors:


Examples of radiator installation locations that have worked well: