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Mesa is an easy-install solution for commercial buildings that cuts energy costs, improves tenant comfort, and simplifies building operations.


Key Mesa Tool

The Mesa Dashboard

Mesa provides remote building controls, real-time and historic data, and award-winning savings techniques to automatically cut costs and emissions in your space. You can access all this in your dashboard at

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Key Mesa Tool


View quantifiable metrics that show your savings and see trends in how the people in your space are feeling. Your first report will be ready 30 days after install.

When to call your HVAC provider

Your local thermostat controls your HVAC system and can provide heat or cooling. A dark thermostat likely signals an electrical breaker trip. If restoring the breaker restores power to your thermostat, run the fan only for 5-10 minutes before changing the set point to a temperature that will run the compressor. Test cooling and heating operation and note if the breaker trips again. If the breaker trips, call your service technician and let them know which operational mode caused the electrical breaker to trip.

thermostat 3.png

This screen shows the system set to ‘Auto’ mode with a 10 degree range between heating and cooling. When the space temperature displayed in the middle of the screen is below the setpoint the thermostat will call for heating and the flame icon at the top of the screen will turn from white to orange.

Your thermostat display

  • When the space temperature displayed in the middle of the screen is above the setpoint the thermostat will call for cooling and the snowflake icon at the top of the screen will turn from white to blue
  • If the snowflake on the thermostat is blue, but warm air / no air is being provided in the space then the thermostat is calling for cooling but cooling is not functioning. Call your service tech.
  • If the snowflake on the thermostat has been blue for over four hours the screen will show a white error message, “For the past 4 hours the thermostat has been calling for cool, but the room temperature has increased”. This means that the unit has been running at full cooling and can’t meet the load. Most likely there is an issue with the refrigerant circuit that requires a service technician.
  • If your HVAC unit is broken, leaking, will not turn on, will not provide cooling or heating, etc.

What Mesa does and does not impact in your space

Mesa impacts:

Mesa does the hard work of recording how long each HVAC zone operates with sufficient granularity to make optimized decisions. HVAC (cooling plus fan energy) is the largest energy end use. Managing this load will maximize impact.

  • Mesa brings transparency and accountability to comfort complaints. Temperature history is available in your Mesa dashboard.
  • Mesa provides remote access from your browser. Change your space setpoint of HVAC mode from anywhere.
  • Mesa provides supervisory control and data acquisition to an existing HVAC system.

Mesa does not impact:

  • Zoning
  • Equipment efficiency
  • Equipment capacity

According to DOE Medium Office Commercial Reference Building, Interior plug loads are the single largest energy cost. Mesa’s smart plugs directly reduce interior plug loads. You chose what to power into these plugs which directly impacts the potential for savings.

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