A low-cost vehicle sensor to help manage parking and curb space

Pebble empowers parking operators, real estate developers, and municipalities to use real-time availability data in innovative and sustainable ways.


Easy to Install

The wireless Pebble system is easy-install: Just mount the sensors, scan the QR code, and strap the gateway to a pole. No underground trenching required.


Low-Powered, Long-Lasting

Pebble's durable sensors can operate for years on standard settings. The solar-powered gateway can operate indefinitely, even in cloudy conditions.


Accurate and Reliable

At just 2.8 inches in diameter and with two sensing capabilities, Pebbles have undergone rigorous real-world testing to ensure accuracy and reliability.

An image of a Pebble gateway and sensor beside a quarter

Turn real-time data into real value

Pebble can help parking operators, developers, and cities manage spaces in many ways. Here are a few.

Pebble Studio

Our software allows parking operators to analyze historical trends as well as manage and optimize the occupancy of your lots or garages in real time.

The Pebble System Hardware

A Pebble sensor in the palm of a hand

In-Pavement Sensor

2.8” diameter x 0.3” height


A photo of a Pebble gateway strapped to a utility pole

Wireless, Solar-Powered Gateway

120.79 width, 410.61 height (including antennas), 62.5 depth

1.2kg (with mounting bracket) Installation with banding straps

Power Supply:
10 watt ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) solar panel rated for 5-7 years

Responsible Data Use

Like all Sidewalk Labs products, Pebble incorporated concepts like Privacy by Design and data minimization into its work from the earliest design phases. That's why we designed Pebble with no cameras or other potential identifying technologies: it wasn’t necessary to achieve the product’s goals.

To help put our approach into practice, we conduct Responsible Data Use Assessments for all our products. You can read Pebble’s RDUA summary at the link below.

Read our RDUA summary

Interested in Pebble? Contact Us!

Pebble is currently available in limited deployments. If you’d like to learn more, tell us about your interest and someone from our team will respond soon.