The City of Aspen Smart Loading Zones program has now concluded.

As of April 28, 2023, drivers and loading zone users will no longer be required to utilize the Pebble app to reserve spaces in downtown Aspen. Please follow traffic and parking laws as marked.

Thank you to our partners at the Mayor’s Office, City Council, the Parking Department, Engineering Department, Enforcement Department, Residents and Merchants of the downtown core, and Pebble by Sidewalk Labs (part of Google) for making this program possible. Thank you to users for participating in the program.

The City of Aspen will continue to build on the work completed by the Smart Loading Zone program to create better curbside experiences for drivers and people across the city.

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Easily find and book loading space in Aspen

The City of Aspen has partnered with Pebble by Sidewalk Labs, an urban innovation unit within Google, to pilot Smart Loading Zones in downtown Aspen. Smart Loading Zones allow you to conveniently book loading space where and when you need it.


How do Smart Loading Zones work?


Smart Loading Zones are bookable curb spaces (via the Pebble Driver App) dedicated to loading and unloading during peak hours.


No more circling to find open curb space! With the Pebble Driver App, you’ll see a map of all available loading spaces near your destination. Via the app, you can book a spot within a half mile of your delivery, and reserve the space for the time required to get the job done. Clear signage and paint (shown below) will ensure you're in the right place.

Fees apply to use a Smart Loading Zone. You only pay for the time you use!

Smart Loading Zone rates and time limits in Aspen are:

  • $0.50/15 minutes (paid by the minute)
  • 1-hour max stay in alley Smart Loading Zones
  • 2-hour max stay in street Smart Loading Zones


Avoid double parking, standing in bus or bike lanes and receiving parking tickets by using Smart Loading Zones – helping to improve the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

Smart Loading Zone Locations and Hours

Hours vary by zone. See map legend and check signage to confirm.

Aspen Map - Updated October 2021 (2).png

How to book a Smart Loading Zone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Responsible Data Use

Like all Sidewalk Labs products, Pebble incorporated concepts like Privacy by Design and data minimization into its work from the earliest design phases. That's why we designed Pebble with no cameras or other potential identifying technologies: it wasn’t necessary to achieve the product’s goals.

To help put our approach into practice, we conduct Responsible Data Use Assessments for all our products. You can read Pebble’s RDUA summary at the link below.

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