Innovations to radically improve life in cities for all

Sidewalk Labs is an urban innovation company that tackles cities' greatest challenges. We create products and solutions, invest in new companies, and help developers build more sustainable, innovative, and equitable places around the world.

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Our unique, integrated approach to urban innovation

Engaging in Development

By engaging in development projects and setting ambitious goals, we develop insights about the future of cities and urban real estate.

Insights into Products

We translate these insights into products, solutions, and businesses that can make cities more sustainable and affordable.

Deployment and Funding

The right implementation and capital partners, including Alphabet, accelerate real-world application of products and deployment at scale.

Improving Outcomes

Our urban innovations drive improved outcomes for development projects and value for our partners.

Urban Innovation Case Study

How We Incubated Replica

Sidewalk spinout company Replica is a great example of our urban innovation approach in action.

In 2017, a development exercise around the future of urban mobility generated a key insight: cities lack the accurate data they need to make long-term planning decisions. Together, our technologists and urbanists identified a solution to replicate real-time location data using advanced, privacy-preserving modeling techniques.

In 2019, the Replica product spun out of Sidewalk Labs. Today, backed by several funding partners, Replica is an independent company that helps municipal agencies across the U.S. plan for a better future.

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Our People

Committed to Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

To achieve our mission of radically improving quality of life in cities for all, Sidewalk Labs is pursuing an active Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID) practice that productively influences both big and small decisions within our business, people processes, and work environment.

We’re taking a systemic-change approach across our workplace and the work we do, from urban development to new urban tools and products. That means our EID work strives to be fully integrated throughout our business, and is not work done in isolation. Our approach keeps us focused on more equitable outcomes — not intentions — by seeking to address the root causes of inequity within systems we are a part of and the social context in which they operate. We recognize this approach will take time.

You’ll see our practice throughout this website as it relates to our workplace, inclusive development, and responsible technology.

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