Our Story

Sidewalk Labs, like any startup, has evolved. But we’ve never strayed from our core mission: to bring together urbanists and technologists to solve real-world challenges that can radically improve quality of life in cities for all.

We know that a sustainable future is non-negotiable, but it has to be built building by building, block by block, and city by city.

Now, combining our forward thinking urban design capabilities and insights with Google’s global reach and technological strength, we are prepared to go further and faster than ever.


Founder Dan Doctoroff

In 2015, we launched Sidewalk Labs within Google, before it joined the Alphabet group of companies. I couldn’t be more proud of what Sidewalk Labs has achieved. We brought together a unique and remarkably talented group of urbanists and technologists, and we built a diverse and inclusive culture.

We learned to work together across boundaries to create a bold and unprecedented vision for cities to use technology thoughtfully in pursuit of radically improving quality of life for all.

We turned great ideas into great products and companies

We spun out independent companies — CityBlock, Replica, Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP) — that are making an impact on quality of life in cities.

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    Community-Based Healthcare
  • logo_replica_sq_42124d7231.svg
    Transportation Planning
  • logo_sip_sq_ad41d11f3a.svg
    Technology-Enabled Infrastructure
  • logo_delve_sq_c4c7bc534e.svg
    Real Estate Design
  • logo_mesa_sq_6332546c7a.svg
    Energy-Efficient Buildings
  • logo_pebble_sq_daa7ec26cb.svg
    Smart Parking Solutions

We invested in promising urban innovators

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We amplified our mission