Privacy Policy


The Google Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use Google's products and services. In addition, this Sidewalk Labs Privacy Notice describes Google’s privacy practices that are specific to personal information collected by Google in connection with your visit to Sidewalk Labs websites or use of the Sidewalk Labs services, such as Mesa and Delve.

When you sign up to use Sidewalk Labs services, we create an account for you that is specific to the Sidewalk Labs service you are using, such as a Mesa or Delve account, and we collect account information such as credentials, names, contact details, company affiliation and job titles. We don’t create a Google Account for you as part of this process. Your account information for Mesa, Delve or other Sidewalk Labs service you are using, as well as settings, technical and operational details of your usage, and your communications with us are stored in your account. If you want to export or delete your data or otherwise exercise your privacy rights under applicable laws, please contact us at

Mesa includes linked third-party devices that collect data, including

  • Setup information, such as device identifier, device type, and information about the workspace, including the address, ZIP code, and where the device is placed on a floor plan of the space. We provide such information to the third-party device providers when necessary to set up and maintain: (a) accounts with them for the workspace; or (b) any device using our apps.
  • Sensor data, such as temperature, humidity, detected water, detected motion to infer occupancy, comfort button feedback on whether a space is too hot or too cold, energy usage, or whether a window is open or closed.
  • Device usage data, such as manual device interactions, heating and cooling usage data, or the amount of energy used by a plug load.
  • Technical data, such as device make and model, serial number, IP and MAC address, Wi-Fi connectivity, signal strength and settings, detection of other devices on your network and nearby access points, hardware and software version, sensor status, battery charge level, log files from connections, power status, HVAC system capabilities, and other technical information such as crash, diagnostics, reliability and performance logs and reports.